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You can always check if you will be able to log in to Matchday by attempting to log in to Enter in your email and password and click sign in.

You will then be taken to your My Account page, which gives you lots of information about your FA data including your name, DOB and all the teams you have given consent too.

If you are able to sign into My Account then, as long as your club have added you to a team correctly and you see your club in the consent section, you will be able to sign into Matchday with the exact same login details.

To sign in to Matchday you need to ensure you have one of the required roles for access, which will most commonly be a team manager/coach, player/parent, or club treasurer/secretary. 

You then need to enter your email address and connected password. This combination of details will be the same ones that allow you to sign in to other connected websites such as or

This sign in page allows you to reset your password using the ‘forgotten password’ button, or ‘Sign in using FAN’ if your email address is having issues.

Players and parents can set their availability at any time but will usually be reminded to do so in the build-up to their closest fixture, after the manager confirms the match.

After receiving the Matchday notification from your manager, which explains everything you need to know about the upcoming fixture, you need to tell them if you are available or not.

Players/parents can choose to tick or cross, which represents available or unavailable respectively

If players change their minds they can update their availability by clicking the ‘update’ button just under the name of the team. This will return the screen to the ‘are you available?’ question, allowing the new selection.

There are a few common problems that would cause you to be unable to sign in to Matchday, and below you will find how to resolve these: 

Your Email, FAN or Password do not match’

This error occurs when the details you’re using to sign in do not match the ones on your account. The first way to try and fix this would be to reset your password using the ‘Forgotten Password?’ button. 

If you do this and it still isn’t working, the email address on your account is likely different to the one you are using to sign in. Please ask your team manager to see which email address is linked to your account, and then you can either use the different email address, or sign into and change your email address. 

‘No teams linked to this account’ 

This message happens when you/your linked child does not have the correct roles on your account in order to access the app. Please see the guide here for more information – Required roles for Matchday app

Team Officials

This will usually happen when you have not yet been assigned as an official for your team. Please ask your club to make sure you have been assigned on the Club Portal. Once assigned, you will be able to access the app. 


This will usually happen when you have not been linked to your child, or you have a duplicate account under a different email, and so the wrong email has been linked to your child. Please ask your Team Manager to check what FAN/email is linked to your child, and they can link your correct FAN to your child if necessary. 


This will usually happen when you have not yet been assigned to your team. Please ask your club to assign you to the correct team in the Club Portal, and then you will be able to access the app. 


This will happen when you have an active suspension on your account. Due to being unable to differentiate suspensions on the app, any suspension will cause this even if your suspension doesn’t relate to the team you are signing in for. The only exception will be if you are a parent, you will still be able to sign in to access your child’s account. 

Access to the app will be blocked until your suspension has ended. If your suspension has ended but you are still unable to access the app, please contact your County FA as it likely means the suspension has not yet been removed from your account.

To turn your Matchday notifications on or off head to your ‘account’ tab and select ‘settings’. 

Then flick the slider on Matchday to ‘on’ position. This will then be highlighted in blue, and to the right, which confirms it is on and correct.