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Our guiding philosophy forms the foundation for fostering a culture of player development that ultimately leads to thriving teams. It encapsulates the essence and personality of Woodham Radars, highlighting our distinctive traits both on and off the field, our values, our behavioral standards, and the principles we hold dear for our Club.

It’s an exciting opportunity to embrace our pride in being a part of our football club and to reshape perceptions of what it truly means to be a Woodham Radars player and club member. By openly sharing our mission and reasons behind it, we aim to bring clarity and build strong relationships with everyone involved in the growth of our Club and the development of our players at every level.

Our commitment and determination to enhance every facet of our philosophy remain steadfast. While our core values and principles remain unchanged, we constantly refine our methods and approaches to incorporate fresh ideas and insights.

At the heart of our ethos is collaboration, a value we hold dearly. We invite all those engaged in our Club’s growth and player development to contribute their thoughts, feedback, and innovative ideas to help us craft a successful future together.

Your input is valued and welcomed as we work towards our shared goals.



⚽ To encourage and facilitate the playing of football at all levels.
⚽ To provide continuous development opportunities for our players, coaches, and         volunteers.
⚽ To develop a Club culture based on respect, best practice, safety, and fair play.
⚽ To encourage parents to participate in the running of the club for the benefit of         the players, Club, and community.

To deliver this, it is important that our ethos is shared and demonstrated by our coaches, team managers, assistants, players, parents or carers and the Committee.


All volunteers at Woodham Radars are DBS Checked and have completed the FA required Safeguarding and playmaker courses where needed.

Train & Play

Every Team from Under 6 to Under 18 is offered two training sessions per week subject to coach availability. 2, 3 & 4 year olds are offered free training every Saturday.
All teams from Under 7 to Adults should expect to play a match every week subject to league fixtures during the football season


Every team has a coach or manager that has completed the FA coaching course and first aid course. We actively encourage and pay for all coaches courses however far down the FA pathway they want to go

Not Just Football

As a club we host or attend several events every year to build and welcome our Radars family and community.
Look out for our christmas parties, fun days, presentation event and you can find our stall at numberous events in Woodham.


“To be the football club of choice in South Woodham Ferrers, providing the best facilities, be inclusive as possible and offer the highest standards of football education in a friendly, fun environment for all of our players and members and to have a positive impact within our community”

Kenny Bentham – Chairman


Our ethos is the starting point for the creation of a culture of player development that leads to successful teams.

It is a statement about the identity and character of Woodham Radars and outlines our fundamental and distinctive characteristics both on and off the pitch, our values and standards of behaviour and the things we believe are crucial to our Club.

It is an opportunity to celebrate the pride in being part of our football club and to help create new perceptions of what it means to be a Woodham Radars player and Club member.

By communicating what we do and why, we hope to provide clarity and create relationships with all those involved in the development of our Club and of our players at every level.

There is a commitment and determination to continue to improve each aspect of our ethos, although the core values and principles will not change, the methods and ways of working will be continually updated and refined to reflect new ideas and inputs.

Collaboration is a core value of our ethos and we want all those involved in the development of our Club and players to contribute their ideas, feedback, and ways forward to help us shape a successful future.

Our ethos is about being fair and inclusive but competitive and consists of 5 core elements:

⚽ Who Woodham Radars are

⚽ How Woodham Radars play

⚽ How Woodham Radars coach

⚽ How Woodham Radars support

⚽ How are Woodham Radars run

Woodham Radars Football Club is a Three Star England Accredited Club established in 1972 catering for players of all abilities from the age of 2 through to Adult.  We are a non-profit; membership-based organisation with an active committee developing the club for the benefit of the members.

The England Accredited  award sets standards of coaching, administration and child protection for clubs working with young people and we are proud to have achieved the maximum three stars.

Woodham Radars is affiliated to the FA through Essex County FA and enters teams into the Blackwater & Dengie Football League, Brentwood Community Football Alliance Youth League, Essex County Girls League, The Mid-Essex League, Essex County Womens League, Chelmsford Sunday League, Essex Veterans League & Southend Combination Vets League

Woodham Radars Football Club are an advocate of the FA’s Respect Campaign.

It is an absolute commitment of the club that no child is ever excluded the opportunity of playing football for reasons of gender, race, nationality, ethnic origin, colour, religion, sexual orientation, or perceived ability as a footballer.

Our players match play journeys start from the age of 6 with mini soccer rules.  Under 7’s and 8’s play 5 v 5 football, Under 9 & 10’s play 7 v 7, then 9 v 9 at Under 11 & 12, finally progressing to 11 v 11 sided football from Under 13 onwards.  Each step up from 5 V 5 through to 11 v 11 requires different team sizes so we need to ensure we develop and grow the teams we have at Woodham Radars Football Club to make sure our players continue their journey and enjoy the experience whilst developing their potential. The basis for the team development first and foremost is an understanding that children want to have fun and play with their friends and although we monitor the range of ability through the squad, the development and enjoyment of the players is the centre of this process.

We strongly believe that football is a game to be played and enjoyed by everyone, and our success is measured not by the trophies we win, but by the number of children who choose to play for and remain at the Club throughout their childhood and into the senior game.

This is notwithstanding children whose natural progression may take them to higher levels of the game.

We have a clear playing philosophy based on:

⚽ A possession-based approach

⚽ Playing through the three thirds of the pitch

⚽ Quality of passing, intelligent movement and support off the ball

⚽ Penetrative/incisive attacking play

⚽ Counter attacking and transition

⚽ All players getting equal game time throughout the season

We expect our players to:

⚽ Show respect towards opponents, referees, team officials and supporters.

⚽ Play as a team and work hard for each other

⚽ Always show good sportsmanship

We expect our Team managers to:

⚽ Treat everyone equally

⚽ Place the wellbeing and safety of players above all other considerations.

⚽ Develop working relationships with players based on mutual trust and respect

⚽ Ensure that all players get a fair chance to play, in line with our “Playing Time Guidelines”

Parents and Guardians should take responsibility for delivering and collecting their children for training and matches. Players should arrive on time and only be left unattended if parents are confident that their children are happy to be left. Whilst the club will always exercise reasonable care, and adhere to the club’s Safeguarding Children Policy, parents remain ultimately responsible for the safety of their children.

Mini-Kickers, Kickstarters & Development Squads must always have a parent or guardian with them.

It is important that players wear the right kit for training and matches in all weather conditions.

Club players are required to wear appropriate footwear and shin pads must always be worn. Players should always bring a bottle of water with them to drink at all training venues except for the Village Hall Playing Field where water can be provided from the clubhouse.

New members will have their kit ordered by the club upon payment of the monthly club subscription their initial training kit which comprises:

⚽ training shirt

⚽ training shorts

⚽ training socks

For Mini-Kickers, Kickstarters & Development Squads kit can be purchased online from the club website or club shop.

Training kits are not replaced by the club but may be replaced by the member, their parents / guardians or the manager / sponsor at their own discretion and expense.

Additional kit or damaged kit is available to purchased or replaced via our club shop

Of course, our players are taught and encouraged to use the skills and tactics they have learnt to score goals and to defend goals and ultimately to try to win games. Winning is encouraged throughout the game as it is a natural part of sporting life, but it is equally important that each child learns to lose well.

Although research conducted by the FA has proven that most young players have forgotten about the result after 5 minutes of the game finishing, it is the parents who tend to dwell on results!

In the interest of player development games from U7 through to U11 are non-competitive, hence no official league placings or results are published.

The Club keeps close links with local primary and secondary schools in the area to encourage participation of pupils in football and to help us grow our club with new players and new teams.

The Club will seek to start new teams according to the objectives set out in its development plan, we will endeavor to have a team manager identified and sufficient players to make the team viable.  Every team in Woodham Radars is run by volunteers; namely parents or carers of the players.

It is the policy of the Club that any player will be eligible to train with the Club regardless of ability.

Train only members only receive a partial kit allocation and are only eligible to play in friendly matches. Training members can convert to full membership at any time.

Joining the club requires joining the clubs online membership system at https://www.pitchero.com/clubs/woodhamradarsfc/signup, which will provide contact information including emergency telephone numbers and any medical information such as allergies.

An online guide to joining can be found at https://radars.football/registration

As a Woodham Radars Club member, you have a duty to:

⚽ Take reasonable care for your own health & safety and that of others who may be affected by what you do or not do

⚽ Co-operate with the club on health & safety issues

⚽ Correctly use all equipment provided by the club

⚽ Not interfere with or misuse anything provided for your health, safety, or welfare

⚽ Comply with our Codes of Conduct

Each member signing-on for the club youth or adult will a monthly or annual fee respectively when they register to play for the club in the relevant league (except the Mini-Kickers, Kickstarters & Wildcats).

Mini-Kickers is Free.

Kickstarters is Free

Development Squads are £14.00 per month.

U7 – U18’s are £26.00 per month.

Train Only Members are £14.00 per month.

Wildcats are £1.00 per session.

Discounts are available for families with more than one child in the club.

Adults have a set fee of £120.00 payable over 4 months.  The annual fee includes signing on, all training and all match play for the season.

The Club operates a strict No Pay, No Play policy.

Some key items of the clubs expenditure each season are:

 ⚽ League subscription expenses

⚽ Match day & training insurance costs

⚽ Training and Matchday equipment

⚽ Youth Members first Club Training Kit

⚽ 2 Training sessions per week for youth members and 1 per week for adults

⚽ 1 Match Session per week

⚽ Referee payments

⚽ Refreshments where possible

⚽ William De Ferrers 3G annual pitch fees

⚽ Maintenance and hire of numerous pitches

⚽ Insurance for our pitch locations, Clubhouse, and other storage areas

⚽ Personal Injury Insurance for all players

⚽ Funding of our Annual Presentation Day

⚽ Summer Tournament (subject to managers support)

⚽ Introduction to football, UEFA C, UEFA B and any other coaching courses

⚽ FA Level 1 & 2 Futsal Courses

⚽ First Aid & Safeguarding courses

⚽ DBS fees for our Managers, Coaches, Referees & Helpers.

⚽ Advertising

⚽ Website Hosting & Maintenance

⚽ League Registrations & Fines

⚽ Training & Matchday equipment

⚽ Funding of external coaching sessions, i.e.: specialist Goalkeeper training

⚽ Any additional general costs involved with running a three star England Accredited Club

Our Team Managers must consider a wide range of factors in their match day selections, these include player availability, general fitness, injury, and attitude. The expectation is that playing time will balance out across the course of a season, in line with our playing time guidelines.  To ensure that we can effectively meet these playing time guidelines we limit the overall size of our squads and match day team selections. This allows managers to rotate players across the duration of a season. In addition to how we choose to limit our squad sizes the Laws of the Game limit the maximum size of a team selection for match days. By aiming to keep our team sizes below the maximum, we help ensure all players receive as much game time as possible.
Age Group Playing Time Squad Size Match Day Substitutions
Up to U6 Not applicable N/A N/A
U7 – U8 All team members should receive equal playing time where possible, with a best practice recommendation of at least 50% per player each game Minimum 5   Maximum 10 Unlimited
U9 – U10 All team members should receive equal playing time where possible, with a best practice recommendation of at least 50% per player each game Minimum 7   Maximum 14 Unlimited
U11 – U12 All team members should receive equal playing time where possible, with a best practice recommendation of at least 50% per player each game Minimum 9   Maximum 15 Up to 6
U13 – U16 Most players will receive at least 50% of game time.  FA Guidelines currently suggests a minimum of 5 – 10 minutes. Minimum 11   Maximum 20 Up to 7
U17 – U18 All players should play an absolute minimum of 10 minutes in every game where they are selected for a match day squad Minimum 11   Max: Unlimited Up to 7
For teams up to U11’s a player’s development and enjoyment of the game comes above any other consideration. Winning a game is not a factor in playing time decisions – there are no league tables and no published results. As players reach the age of 12, U13 football, Managers will find team selection and game scenarios where certain players get less match day playing time than others, in attempting to maximise the team’s competitiveness.  A lot will depend on the age and maturity of the players and the team. Effective communication is key to gain clarity of the situation and to benefit from sensible two-way feedback and discussion. Such conversations should establish whether it is only a temporary feature or likely to continue. It should also establish how the child in question feels.  Parents and players need to understand that both the FA and the Club acknowledge and accept that this is as a reality of football as players get older.  Also new players and larger squad sizes could always potentially cause some players to feature less in games. This is a reality which the Club accepts and honest and objective discussions between our team Managers, players and parents are always encouraged whether instigated by the managers, the parents, or the players themselves.

The age group that a player joins is determined by his or her date of birth – this also mirrors the school year. The key date is 31st August and the chart below shows which age group applies for this season.

FA rules do permit any child to ‘play up’ a year (an U9 can play for an U10’s) but under no circumstances can a child play for the age group below.  Girls only teams can play down a year as a team (an U12 team can play in an U11 division but this is specific to certain leagues).

As a club, Woodham Radars Football Club require that for any player wishing to play up a year, a consensus of agreement is reached between both age group managers, the child’s parents and of course the player themselves. We always try to consider what is best for the child, taking in account factors such as ability and physical development.

Any further questions that you may have can be answered by the age group managers, see club contacts for details.

Age by 31st AugustSchool YearFootball Age Group
5Year 1Development Squad
6Year 2Under 7 Teams
7Year 3Under 8 Teams
8Year 4Under 9 Teams
9Year 5Under 10 Teams
10Year 6Under 11 Teams
11Year 7Under 12 Teams
12Year 8Under 13 Teams
13Year 9Under 14 Teams
14Year 10Under 15 Teams
15Year 11Under 16 Teams
16Year 12U17 – U21 Teams or Open Age
17Year 13U18 – U21 Teams or Open Age
18N/AU19 – U21 Teams or Open Age
35 – 44N/AOpen Age or Vets
45+N/AOpen Age, Vets or Supervets

As a Club, we expect all our players to want to improve and develop their game, our managers, and coaches, with the support and help of parents, commit to the development and enjoyment of football for every child. In general, our coaching sessions are available only to club members, from time to time we will allow potential club members to join coaching sessions or try out via open trials days.

We may supplement our volunteer workforce with contracted coaching appointments. These appointments are funded by the Club and focused on specific skill development for U6 through to U18.

Teams are naturally made up of players of different abilities and attributes, the measure of developmental progress and the measure of enjoyment for one player may not be the same as for another.

The Club recognises development and progress rates will be different for different players, our coaching aims to produce technically excellent and innovative players with exceptional decision-making skills; allowing players to develop to be the best they can be.

All children, regardless of ability, will be eligible to join the club, where squad size allows, even if there is a perceived ability gap. Some children may need to develop confidence, be new to the game, or have health issues.  Some children may be content to just train with a team, and not play matches until they feel confident enough. We want to help keep players in love with the game as a priority and will always do our best to accommodate players within a team.

Part of Woodham Radars Football Clubs ethos is there is no need to change the team’s players are in within our system to develop ability.  Retaining team structure whilst developing a team ethos throughout our teams will help in moving between 5, 7, 9 and 11 a side football.  Managers and Coaches that have completed their coaching badges will be able to identify and manage differentiation within their teams meaning all players progress, play and develop together.

To help us along the footballing journey we have a development officer.  It is the development officer’s role to ensure that the coaches carry out the team development fairly and openly. His or her role is critical in the early years at the club, as individual managers and even parents may have other priorities. The interests of the children are paramount and will be the basis of all our decisions.

The allocation & movement of players between teams is undertaken with the mutual agreement of the managers of both teams and ultimately by the Club committee.

Coaches will meet regularly to continue assessment.

We all have a responsibility to promote high standards of behaviour in the game. Remember children’s football is a time for them to develop their technical, physical, tactical, and social skills.

Winning is not everything.

Always play your part and observe The FA’s Respect Code of Conduct for spectators and parents/carers.

We expect all our supporters to adhere to the following Respect Code of Conduct for Spectators, Parents & Carers

  • Remember that children play for FUN
  • Applaud effort and good play as well as success
  • Always respect the match officials’ decisions
  • Remain outside the field of play behind the respect line/barrier
  • Let the team manager do their job and not confuse the players by telling them what to do
  • Encourage the players to respect the opposition, referee, and match officials
  • Avoid criticising a player for making a mistake – mistakes are part of learning
  • Never engage in, or tolerate, offensive, insulting, or abusive language or behaviour

It is important to understand the FA, the Leagues, and our club’s expectations because the following actions may be taken by the club, the League, the County FA, or The FA.

You may be:

  • Issued with a verbal warning from a club or league official
  • Required to meet with the Club, League or County FA Welfare Officer
  • Required to meet with the Club Committee
  • Obliged to undertake an FA education course
  • Obliged to leave the match venue by the Club
  • Requested by the Club not to attend future games
  • Suspended or have your club membership removed
  • Required to leave the Club along with any children playing for the Club.

 In addition:

  • The FA/County FA could impose a fine and suspension against our club

There are times on match days when team managers need support in setting up pitches, goalposts, and corner flags.  We really appreciate any help provided. On match days, any assistance is at the discretion of and under the direct supervision of the team manager.

The Club has a responsibility to provide equipment that is fit for purpose and maintained to the required standard.  The goals are sports equipment, not gymnasium equipment nor playground equipment. They should not be used for playing on or climbing up.

If you see any child playing on any equipment or inside /outside the Clubhouse and or garage or containers, please do not ignore it – ask the child to stop

All Storage areas are also off limits to anyone under 16.

When playing football, I will:

Always play to the best of my ability

Play fairly- I will not cheat, complain, or waste time

Respect my team-mates, the other team, the referee, or my coach/manager

Play by the rules, as directed by the referee

Shake hands \ fist bump \ elbow bump with the other team and referee at the end of the game

Listen and respond to what my coach/team manager tells me

Talk to someone I trust or the club welfare officer if I am unhappy about anything at the club

 I understand that if I do not follow the code, any/all the following actions may be taken by my club, County FA, or the FA:

 I may:

  • Be required to apologise to my team-mates, the other team, referee, or team manager
  • Receive a formal warning from the coach or the club committee
  • Be dropped or substituted
  • Be suspended from training
  • Be required to leave the club

 In addition:

  • My club, County FA or the FA may make my parent/carer aware of any infringements
  • The FA/County FA could impose a fine and suspension against my club