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Safety & Safeguarding

Club Welfare Officer
Tracy Pickett07739 071150

Essex FA Designated Safeguarding Officer
Helen Hever
01245 393098

Child Welfare Enquiries (Advice, Referrals), Safeguarding Children, Respect

Safeguarding Support Officer
Chloe Hookins
01245 393093

Monitoring Compliance and Good/Poor Practice, Safeguarding Visits, Mental Health First Aider


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A team from under 2’s to Vets

The Woodham Radars Football Club motto is ‘All Players, All Abilities, All Welcome’. To achieve this the Club provides football for children from the age group of 2 to adult. The development of players at the different age groups is crucial to keep them enjoying football, developing their skills, and maintaining their passion for the game in an environment that is challenging, exciting and enjoyable.

The managers and coaches of an age group need to work together to provide benefit and the development of all children in the squad.

We should enable our players to have fun, make new friends and learn the game


Team selection

Organisation of coaching/training twice per week


Team and kit equipment

Reporting results to the club and league after matches


  • Squad development reviews
  • Attend managers meetings
  • Team page on club website
  • Recruitment

 Once each season:

  • Provide up to date team photo for website
  • Present awards and overview season on presentation day
  • Organise to attend one yearly tournament for your team

For U7 and up team activities on match day will, depending on the venue for the game, take approximately 4 hours. U6 and above coaching and training sessions at the club each week take up around 3 hours max dependent on age groups. Mini-Kickers, Kickstarters and Wildcats are 1 hour per week maximum.

Other duties associated with the tasks outlines above spread across the week will take around 1-2 hours dependent on age group

The club requires the minimum FA Playmaker including First Aid and Safeguarding Modules for all Team Managers and coaches or the FA Introduction to football course completed. The club will assist you financially in obtaining these award if you do not already have the qualification.  Other club officials and team managers are always available for any assistance or advice. A club first aid kit will be issued to all team managers, which can be replenished on request. The club provides footballs and cones, training venue and training/match day equipment.


Collect fixtures from league websites

Pitch allocations and KO times will be allocated by the club

Please note that all club playing areas have a strictly NO DOGS and NO SMOKING policy.

 Arranging Matches:

If at home we would suggest that you contact the away manager as soon as you know your KO time to confirm venue and time.

Match Days:

Check playing venue safety, set up goals, corner flags and ensure that the respect barrier is in place and that spectators know that they need to stand behind it.

If appointed, greet referee, and make arrangements for fees to be paid.

Greet opposing team manager, and exchange registration information. No ID Card = No Play, an identity parade must be held should managers want to identify players against ID Cards.

Ensure all players have the right equipment i.e. footwear and shin pads

All players and substitutes to line up pre-match to shake hands if possible.

All teams should have access to the following equipment:

Goals or Goal Nets

Corner Flags

Water Bottles


2 Match Balls: U7 – U11 Size 3, U12 – U14 Size 4, U15 and above Size 5

Ball Pump

Captains Armband

Medical Kit (see below)

First Aid:

All teams should have their own First Aid Kit it is the managers responsibility to ensure that their kits have the following basic items.

A supply of adhesive dressings

A selection of clean bandages

A Suitable dressing material to cover lacerations etc

A supply of clean water, and Eyewash facility

A suitable mouth to mouth resuscitation aid

A list of emergency numbers and contact details for players

One of the two teams must have a qualified and league registered first aider

in attendance.

During the Match:

Please ensure all coaches, players and spectators observe the Respect Code

Support and encourage your team, praise the efforts of both teams.

After the Match:

Both teams do 3 cheers and shake hands with opposition

Registration Information to be returned to opposing manager

Win or Lose praise your teams’ efforts

Please make sure all equipment is collected and stored away in appropriate area, all rubbish should be removed from venue.

Reporting Results:

Results must be reported to appropriate leagues, in the requested format.

League results MUST BE reported to respective league as soon as match is completed, failure to do this will result in the club being fined.  Offenders will be asked to cover these costs unless the club can prove to the league that there were issues allowing results to be posted.

Players wishing to transfer between club teams is discouraged and if further challenge is required of a player they should be invited to play up a year.  A player wishing to transfer during a current playing season from one team to another within the club must first speak to his Team Manager to request exceptional permission.  The team Manager will contact the committee who will liaise with the two managers to ensure that the relevant league rules and club expectations are complied with.  If a player transfer will cause a team to have less than the required players for the age group (ie. 7 players for 7v7) the player will not be considered for transfer until such time as a replacement player is found.

If there is any doubt about the validity of the transfer the Club Secretary only will seek guidance from the relevant League Registration Secretary or Essex FA and will inform both Managers of the result of the consultation.  If the transfer goes ahead the Club Secretary will complete the relevant paperwork is completed, and the league rules are complied with.

The purpose of this policy is to define the standard kit specification for all age groups throughout Woodham Radars Football Club. This will ensure consistency across the club and create a united Club image.

Training Kit Colours (All teams)

Shirt:  Turquoise and Navy

Shorts: Navy

Socks: Navy

The kit manufacturer is Joma

Home Kit Colours (All teams)

Shirt: Royal Blue & White

Shorts: Royal Blue

Socks: Royal Blue

The kit manufacturer is Joma

The colours must be Royal Blue and White.

Away Kit Colours (All teams)

Shirt: Yellow and Royal Blue

Shorts: Yellow

Socks: Yellow

The colours must be Yellow & Royal Blue.


The Woodham Radars Football Club Badge will be embroidered on the left-hand breast, RADARS on the back of the shirt. All match shirts will be numbered on the back, Some training shirts dependant on players age may be numbered.  No players names or initials are to be placed on any part of any club issued kit.  Training Jackets should carry the Woodham Radars Football Club logo on the front, and RADARS on the back.


Sponsorship is welcomed for all squads and the amount must cover the cost of full match kits for all members registered at the time of sponsorship and must include a minimum of £50 towards the club which will be used for the purpose of advertising via the website and other means.  Sponsors are permitted to purchase further teamwear for members but must adhere to the Clubs chosen brands, colours and style restrictions listed above.

It is the responsibility of the Team Manager to ensure the sponsor is aware of and complies with the kit specifications.


Unless renewed by a sponsor, all kit will be renewed by the member on an as required basis.


Exceptions to the kit policy will be made for kits that are awarded to the club and not purchased (I.e. McDonalds kits), these kits will be allocated to teams at the committee’s discretion.

Kit Orders:

All orders for new kit and equipment must be processed and approved through the club’s kit officer.